Commercial Doors


commercial door

RIB 2" Hollow & Insulated

Sizes 92, 102, 122, 142, 162 wide;
Height 6' to 14'

SANDWICH 2" (metal on both sides with of insulation)

Sizes 102, 122, 142, wide; Height 6' to 14'

Section type and design

As exclusive regional distributors of doorLink sections, this link will take you to their "Door Design" web site.


commercial doorWe stock Amarr Model 2700 2" thick top-of-the-line slabs with a 19.40 R-Value. Constructed with a thermal break, it uses foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation creating a strong monolithic panel that is energy efficient.

The slabs are 28'8" long and with 24" and 21" widths, we can build virtually any door up to 28'2" X 16' high.

Additionally, with its continuous internal rail, replacement sections can be built for those emergency jobs.

Whether a complete door or a replacement section, we do it in less than 24 hrs. options/2700


track, hinges, struts, etc